I just tried Android today by downloading the sdk, and eclipse plug-in, it’s kinda cool.


Yet, I haven’t done much over it, but definitely looking forward to explore much on coming days.


Everything you want to know about Android is on:  http://code.google.com/android/


Back in bangalore…after a short visit to home (Ahmedabd – Gujarat)…as I have mention in the last post…days pass so fast….nowhere it feels like I stayed at home for complete 10 days…it was always a fun being at home…..but the only trouble I had is….damm the boiling temperature…. It’s a scorching hot at ahmeabad with 43˚ to 44˚C temperature.


I landed into city by 9 o’clock evening…i came to know that the outside temperature is…37˚C, can you believe it?….Of course I was aware of this temperature mark, but unless one face it…won’t feel the burn…and I felt it….but in the next few days i became little more comfortable with the temperature…but not completely to be frank.


NOW!!! Forget all the temperature….its always like that in the summar…..nothing new with that…if you are from Gujarat..you know it batter. right? That’s not all…first time ever I attended some ‘Samaj’ marriage which i don’t wanted to attend infact….what to do? I have to attend that…days are gone when we use to sit on our parent’s head….now parents sits on your head…(just kiddin)….but reason was pretty much obvious….i don’t know any one out there……and in such case it feel like you are some showcase material….in such marriage…one side all gents will make a group and other side all ladies…I was with my father all the time…even if I think of escape from there..where do I go? Oufffff…but It was boaring…yet funny too….forget the boaring one…I’ll tell you the funny part here….this is what regular pattern I observe here…i do have make it more spicy to read…but the pattern is original…


This is gents part:

At first there will be regular greeting..like! how are you, and where are you been..long time no see and stuff like that…suddenly the topic change….and now see where it goes…..


one end will say…aree aap akele aaye ho?…’bhabhiji nahi aai hai kya’? ‘Aur butche’? Then all play starts…here is my prince charles (I mean…my son)?…..where I need to come in front and say hello uncle!!! Till this time I was standing back side only…don’t ask what i was doing at back…its understood na. Then this uncle will say ‘aare beta aap to panechan me hi nahi aate ho, (In my brain: uncle aap bhi bilkul hi….) chhote the tab dekha tha’ my father also force me to try to remind his face he will say, ‘aree tum chote se tab aaye the nahi pahechana’ ( In my brain: aare agar me jab chhota tha to kaise yaad ayenga….)    kya karte ho beta’? before I open my mouth to speak…papa will do the needful..as if I will answer something else ( In my brain: papa yeh mera question tha….) …I need to just kept quite…and yaah…long continuous smile is a must for no reason…. Papa will answer , US/foreign (both are equivalent okey!) company me kaam karta hai…..( In my brain: ye kya tha? Papa ko bataya to tha…it feels like, I’m working in kuwet’s oil-well…ha..ha…….I mean..try to be specific while answering..) here…I quickly take a charge and explain what I do basically here in this company..then after successful answewr, you will be thrown to second round ….how much do u get?…papa will talk in package..and i answer in monthly take out…you know due to CTC portion package look very huge…this two figure….confuse the other opponents coz they will do CTC/12 give big amount….now after all this there’s last question for verify eligibility..and that is age?…oh!! meri beti to 2 sal badi hai….(In my brain: achha hai 2 sal badi hai….bach gaye….aab Bhago yaha se…bachhe ki jaan lenge kya…) you know folks..


“Age is a very high price to pay for maturity”.


Now the ladies part:

i got this opportunity….coz there was whole setup ready for execution…well! the conversation was almost same which I wrote above…but I come to know one thing…that why ladies remember all dates and prices for their clothes and ornaments…even you can easily find out that…they will talk about there ornaments and saries…all the time….in such case if someone doubts…aare yeah sari to aapne pichali bar bhi paheni thi? other woman need to give exact date….like..nahi nahi…ye to abhi isi diwali ko li hai…or say…yeah to bilkul nai hai….abhi pichale mahine hi li hai? very detail answer…with like what work this sari and the last sari has….actually i just know…there are sari…with different work on it..like kanchivarm and ofcouse everything comes with price.. ……so Price too.

I must say…..how do they remember all that precisely…and not even single item…but everything….? Simply great.


this is just a very first thing I attend while visit to home….i will blog other stuff in two or three parts….but as of now My advice to all folks…..


Never miss any of your  ‘Samaj’ marriage…..I guess some of you will be knowing, this is all happens after going such marriage…and yes of course! there’s nothing out of the world stuff I have portrait here……but it fun and amazing experience…don’t you think so? So..go ahead..

Wow!!! What a wonderful week it is!! this week..i met my one of the best friend…some emotional breakdowns….trying to recover from that…by the way before I take you for a quick tour…let me tell you this first…coz…now..i’m all excited abt this..


Me (Y3 – the blog owner) is all set to fly away home…yup..this Friday….i’m going home….home sweet home…..hooooooo! Ahmedabad(Gujarat)…..dying for all that home food….also pav Bhajji, dabeli, sandwich dokala, …folks…the list is too long….u know gujarat is very rich in food…the best food…


but the prime reason for all this excitement is…Papa has got a car….that’s it and I’m all ready to grab steering wheel….wooooooo!!!

Going back…this week was somewhat special to me…I met hostel room partner…. Ankur Gupta..he is a full time Casanova….has recently come from mumbai to Bangalore….for planning get to-gather…which will be on this coming Saturday…Oh!!! I won’t be able to attend this….sorry…dude.


He came on tuesday morning itself so..we thought of meeting the same day…..near our college and had done the same thing….that we three use to do…during the college days….(ohh!!! The third dude…is Ankur Patel…he is in pune this days, I’ll do write about him someday later, he is one of his kind)


We went to my pg…as he wanted to know where do I have landed after a takeoff from college hostel….had there a fultoo lot of talk….called up pattu (patel) tooo..


……whenever we start talking…time just runs double the speed….


then…went to forum…MC. D…during college days we used to come here regularly…did some shopping after that….again…talking….time was very short and too much there to talk……

Thinking of meeting him today if he’s not busy with his relatives…lets C, if we able to make it…then this blog will get pull out even more…..

This had happened few weeks back, I was on my way going to the workplace. Waiting for a pedestrian signal to cross the road, as the huge and highly undisciplined, undirected traffic of Bangalore, its necessary, that at least the pedestrians must follow the signal rules for their safety.


Standing road side, I was staring at the signal lights, I heard some sound from backside Excuse Me!, my ear sense the sound, send signal to my brain, did a quick analysis and confirm that it’s a female version of sound so, I didn’t bother to look back even, the reason was clear, I was like pretty very much sure that it wasn’t me. Soon then I heard another, Excuse Me! Helloooooo…. This time sound was little louder than before and I looked back to find the source of mesmerizing voice…. and……….voila……


There was a girl. Now before I could make out anything….she started the conversation…


She: do you know where is belekahalli?

Me: Oh! Yes, I know but, why do you want to know that?

She: I want to go there, my cousin stays there.

Me: ohh! So, what you are doing here at slikboard then?

She: actually today morning I came here from Mumbai and the autowala drop me here?

Me: huhhh? Ok. I am going there too. But I will be going in the bus I can show you the direction ( I explain her the way to belekahalli)

She: bus? Do u mean company bus?

Me: nope. This govt buses.

She: ok. Can I travel with you in these buses?

Me: yaah. sure.

She: ok then let’s go.


(While going towards bus stand I thought that she had come all a long way from Mumbai just now, also completely new to this place too, and in addition to her back luck, auto driver had dropped her at wrong place. And now, if I take her in such crowded bus where she won’t get place to sit even and let’s not forget Bangalore’s traffic, the bus run 15min/km. she will be having the worst day of her life!)


Me: well! There’s no direct bus to belekahalli. How about going in auto rickshaw? Will it be ok with you?

She: yup! That’s a good idea.

(we catched the rick…)


She: This is a different route than what you told me…..(i can feel the suspicious sound here)

Me: yes. This one is shortcut, which runs through city lanes, because there’s less traffic on this road.

She: ya. That’s true.So, what you do?

Me: Coding!!!!. Actually bit more than that. (I explain shortly what exactly I my job is about) and what about you?

She: hum.. Good. I am work with financial firm.

Me: that’s great! Good to hear that.

She: what’s so great in that?

Me: Yaah its great. mostly I find people who are in s/w. What you are doing is something different.


By now we had almost reached belekahalli,


Me: where do you want to go exactly? I mean, now where in belekahalli? as we have almost reach here.


There she told the complete address

blahh blahh# main,

blahh blahh# cross,


near blahh blahh# temple. ( I really don’t remember wt it was…infact still i don’t understand all this crosses and mains….it’s v hard to find such places for me) But Thank god the autowala knew the corect place, when we asked him.


The place, which she mention, was few kms away from my company, that was autowala told us.


She: Yatin, you can get down at your company as you might be getting late to office, the place is not far away from here and also auto driver knows the place he will take me there.

while writing this blog post… up to this, i found it more like any typical Hindi Movie..


But….alas….all good things must come to an end.

I was so stupid; I agree with her and get down near company.


I realized later, I should not have got down here. Instead I should have dropped her at address and then return back to the company also even it was my responsibility to guide her and show her a way out.


Whatever it is was, I had done wrong to her, felt guilty for such stupid behavior. I am sorry for this.


but…It was a nice day with this…… An Unforgettable Stranger……..


As a daily habit, I was reading subscribed feeds on Bloglines there i came to know Google’s two announcements: The GMail Paper and the Google TiSP.


Man!!! I had no clue that this could an April fool.

was a good one, but next time, I promise to be more alert.

Flying alarm clock……

December 8, 2006

Getting up early in the morning is….. like washing your cloths at weekend (so boring stuff)….. & this will be even more difficult with out an alarm clock.

But as everyone know, no one wakes up until the last call. Right!!!!

Well! wt if one don’t wake up even after a last call as its very easy to shut-up the noisy alarm clock.


So, just think of……….. what if your alarm clock is started flying all over your room and making some annoying noise which you can’t avoid and you need to literally (yess………i mean physically….. . yes…….) get out of your bed and take down this cruel enemy.

Check out the link…… its flying alarm clock.

[Flying alarm clock]

can you dare to bare it?????

well friends going home after a long long time.

i can’t tell you how happy i am today.

Wishing you a wonderful Diwali and Happy new year filled with peace and prosperity.